More billable hours. Fewer low-value tasks.

Walter’s software platform is built for modern law firms. From partners to paralegals, everyone in the firm can do their highest-value work while lower-value tasks are dramatically reduced. Walter is also built to enable firms in a time when software companies and AI threaten to disrupt them. 

Stay in the loop and provide high-value advice for clients from raise to exit

Offer instant access to a single source of truth

Manage your clients' access to a secure online cap table

Allow access anytime to the information your clients need

Provide a world-class digital client experience

Enjoy frictionless onboarding

Seamlessly upload your clients’ records in under 5 minutes

Avoid spending hours on manual data entry

Upload and tag your own templates to populate with DocuSign

Spend time on what matters most

Let Walter empower the client-law firm relationship

Eliminate manual and error-prone movement of data

Increase time spent offering what won’t be disrupted – your expertise

Our customers love Walter
"With Walter, we've seen a 10x improvement on time efficiency and bureaucracy minimization could have saved us tens of thousands of dollars by now. We can move quickly while knowing our core corporate documents are consistent and compliant at all times."



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With ROI you’ll love.

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