Simplify your ESOP management. Understand your cap table.

Walter provides on-demand access to your cap table, optimizes the value of your ESOP as a talent attraction & retention tool, and simplifies ESOP management for all your stakeholders. It’s the foundation for your growth.

The end-to-end platform from raise to exit that keeps your lawyer in the loop

Maximize the value of your ESOP

Bring greater visibility to each employee’s portfolio of company equity

Give employees access to view and exercise their options easily

Attract, motivate and retain employees by increasing awareness of this part of their total comp

Raise money quickly and smoothly

Track your investor pipeline

Generate investor docs automatically with DocuSign and easy field tagging

Receive funds smoothly with integrated payments

Close financing rounds up to 90% faster

De-risk your deals and potential exit

Be due diligence-ready on a moment’s notice

Ensure your equity records are accurate, organized and complete

Avoid expensive delays due to mistakes or missing information

Our customers love Walter
"We used to have to track option grants in a spreadsheet and manually execute them with employees, now that we use Walter, ESOP management is a breeze!"

Mike Tedesco


Pricing that makes sense.
With ROI you’ll love.

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Learn how Walter dramatically simplifies your cap table & ESOP management.

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